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Welcome to BestHomeAlarmList.com!


home security system lock house best home alarm listThe Best Home Alarm List is all about letting you know about the best home security alarm system providers out there. We’ve done all the research, and here’s what we think. Check out the The List tab for more information.

Our top categories for making the Best Home Alarm List include:

  • Price – How much does it cost for the system itself?  What exactly is included (how many window sensors, door sensors, motion detectors, etc.)?
  • Equipment quality – Is the equipment made by a reputable manufacture?  What are some of the equipment’s specifications (wireless, battery life incase the power goes out, ease of installation, etc.)?
  • Guarantee – If my equipment malfunctions, will I have to pay to get it replaced or am I covered?  What about the re-installation cost?
  • Customer Service – If I’d like to add another sensor, what do I have to do?  How quickly will they return my calls?  Are they available 24/7?

Please visit The List page to see the best home alarm list.

Best Home Alarm List would like to mention that we do not know every single thing about every single home alarm system companies.  However, we have done TONS of detailed research (including “secret shopping”, interviewing current customers, and collecting market research data) and simplified it into a single list for your convenience.  That being said, the Best Home Alarm List not “fact”.  Our number one might not be your number one.  Regardless of if you share our opinions, we hope our website helps you make a decision on purchasing a home security system.  Our blog also has a lot of detailed information and further research.  Please feel free to post on our Blog with any comments, suggestions, or concerns you might have!

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